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"I want to be a volunteer!"

And we welcome the help!

We need volunteers to help with all the physical labor needed to keep our stables and farm running. We need responsible volunteers to help feed the horses, groom horses and we need folks to help us with the barn maintenance and administrative details. An hour a week, a hundred hours, give whatever you can give.

Our volunteer program is designed to bring people that have a deep love and respect for horses together with horses that need love and respect. Through a series on hands-on experiences, including nutrition, grooming, handling, medical and dental care, round pen training and riding, our hope is that volunteers will acquire the knowledge to interact with horses in a positive manner. By learning and demonstrating levels of responsibility and knowledge, our volunteers will advance to the point of teaching others.

You'll find that we are very specific about horse care. During the hot, muggy days of summer and on the miserable bitter cold days of winter, the horses still need to be fed, the water buckets filled, the stalls and paddocks cleaned and the medications given. If you say you'll be here, we are counting on you. On the other hand, if you just want to groom you are more than welcome to come when the weather's nice. We have a number of people that use their "grooming time" to get away from it all.

Volunteer hours can vary from morning and evening feedings seven days a week and all day on weekends. Many people volunteer one day on the weekend. We feed two times a day- morning and evening, we stall the horses for feeding, then turn them out weather permitting, clean stalls, clean up the barn and interact with the horses (grooming, etc.) as weather and time permits. 
Other volunteering needs
We also need assistance with fund raising, advertising, clerical, grant writing, construction and yard work.
Age Limitation
Due to the potential danger of our daily functions, children/young adults between the ages of 12 years old and 17 years old  must be accompanied by an adult parent or legal guardian.
Don't live in the area?
Then look into becoming a sponsor. Sponsors of SHERR Horses use the internet and take an active role in the lives of SHERR's rescue horses. It takes but a few minutes to make a donation and become a sponsor. Taking care of almost 30 horses requires a LOT of money for proper feed and hay. Your monthly contribution can go a long way toward covering the cost of feeding one horse, and you will have access to more information so that you can feel actively involved in their rehabilitation.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can discuss various volunteering opportunities and availability.

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