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The Ginger Boy


Hello! I’m Grayson, a 12-year-old quarter horse who was brought the SHERR in 2019 by Animal Control, along with two other horses. All three of us were starving, and I had a horrible case of fistulous withers, caused by repeated use of an ill-fitting saddle. I didn’t want to be touched and didn’t trust anyone. But the volunteers were very patient and kind, and as my wounds healed, I became one of the sweetest boys on the farm. 

I’m kind of rugged, and I want a meaningful connection, not a one trail ride. I have a little baggage, but when you look into my deep brown eyes, no one can resist! With a ginger personality, I will steal your soul and keep it safe with all the love I have to give.

Guess what?! I was adopted in December 2022 by an awesome girl named Lauren. I love her so much and am a completely different horse than I was when I first came to SHERR. I am so happy with my new mom and am enjoying all of our time together!

Flowers on Wood
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