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The Blind Gentle  Giant


This giant baby's name is Sampson, a 10-year-old Percheron that SHERR rescued in August 2018. Sampson had Equine Uveitis, which left him totally blind. His previous owners were going to euthanize him because their other horses, sensing his weakness, had begun to attack him. (He had scars all over his face and body when he got to us.)

We raised money to transport him from Texas to North Carolina, and spent about a week introducing him to the SHERR herd. With Sampson in a separate pen, we tied tiny bells on the manes and tails of the other horses so that he knew when they were coming up to meet him. When he finally joined the other horses in the pasture, he fit right in!

Soon Sampson became very attached to his pasture mate Cadbury, and his farm momma Josie even rode him on trails as long as Cadbury was with him! Unfortunately, we lost our beloved gentle giant in February 2022, but we are comforted in knowing that he had a wonderful life with us.

Leaves Shadows
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