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Cora & Belle

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Two Pigs in a Sty


Hi! I’m Cora, and this is my little BFF, Belle. I was rescued by SHERR because someone cut off my ears and abused me. Can you believe that? I’m deaf, but my friend Belle is my ears for me. I really like scritches, and sometimes I'll roll over and show you my belly to get some sweet belly rubs. Belle isn't as keen on the belly rubs, but I'm trying to get her to enjoy some of the fringe benefits of living at SHERR.


Speaking of benefits, we really like to eat. Pretty much everything. Do you have any snacks? We'll happily eat all your leftovers!


We're told that we're a lot bigger now than when we first got to SHERR, but I say it's just more to love!

Leaves Shadows
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