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Big trouble, small package

Hi! I’m Pedro, also known as “PePe” or “Get out of the feed room.” Some say I’m the mini-donkey version of a nosy neighbor. Others say I’m the WalMart greeter of the farm.

I was a rescue to SHERR when I lost my mom as a baby. I was starving and had frostbitten ears! The volunteers nursed me back to health, and now they tell me I'm a little on the chunky side. These days I love hanging out in the pastures with my horse buddies. I'm small enough to get under the fences, so I like to go see what everyone is up to.

Whether I’m stealing food from the horses or wandering into the neighbor’s yard uninvited, I’m always in everybody’s business. In any case, I’ve found my forever home here with friends who love (and tolerate) me!

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
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