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Sweet   Grandpa


Hi there! I’m Noah. I came to SHERR after being alone in a field for many years. I didn't even have a name. I was very lonely and scared when the SHERR folks tried to put a halter on me, but once I got to the farm, I was so excited to see so many people and other horses! 

I was a stallion when I first came to the farm, so I had to be gelded pretty soon after arriving. I was very underweight, covered in rain rot, with bad hooves and bad teeth. I really needed a lot of help. The vet thinks I also have a neurological condition known as Wobblers Syndrome, which affects my hind end and makes me sway back and forth a bit. I don't pick up my back feet like I should, so my hooves are wearing down abnormally back there.


But aside from all that, I'm actually a really happy guy, and I love being around people. I get to wander the whole farm and visit everyone during the day, but I really like hanging out with the treat ladies in the barn. They give me lots of attention and call me "handsome!" That's my favorite.

Leaves Shadows
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