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The King of SHERR

(RIP: Sept. 2020)

This sweet old man is Gus, and he was a gelded paint that SHERR rescued in 2012. When he was surrendered to us, he was extremely underweight – only a little over 400 pounds – had edema in his limbs, and was sunburned on 80% of his body. He also had rain rot and fly bites all over him. His right eye was so sunburned and swollen with cornea abrasions that he kept it shut, and he consequently developed cancer in the eye as well.

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors and the volunteers at SHERR, Gus’s edema healed, his sunburn and skin infections healed, his hair grew back, and he slowly gained weight. The cancer in his eye was treated, and he went into remission! He clearly had a lot of love and life left in him, because this sweet boy lived to be into his early 40s! (The vets estimated his age to be about 32 when we took him in.) Sadly, we lost Gus back in September 2020, and that hit us especially hard.


You could always find Gus roaming freely around the farm, just doing whatever horsey things he wants to do, especially with his bestie Pedro. He was definitely a farm favorite, especially with the kids who come to visit. We still talk about him all the time and tell stories of how he and Pedro would make a complete mess in the barn and other antics they got into together. He was a very special guy, and a perfect example of why we love what we do.  😊

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