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Love at First Sight


Hi! I’m a 13-year-old Tennessee Walking horse. I went from being a show horse to put in a kill pen, and I’ve dealt with a good bit of abuse in my years, which left me with only one eye and my back legs are not in great shape. I walk a little funny, and I don’t like people touching my feet!

When I was brought to SHERR in July 2022, it was to be my last day in the kill pen. I was super skinny. But since then, I’ve put on weight, and I’m gaining a lot of confidence here. 

I’m SO much happier now ⎯ I even have a new mom who adopted me and gives me treats all the time! She says she fell in love with me pretty much instantly, and I may only have one eye, but it was love at first sight for me too. I love being groomed, and I always look forward to my walks with Mom. I’m really looking forward to a great life here at SHERR.

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