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Meet Noah, SHERR's surprise stallion

So... we got a call about a horse in need of help, and off we went. Sheriffs and Animal Control met us to pick the horse up from a field, where he's been alone for we think about 10 years. He didn't even have a name. We've been calling him Noah for now; still seeing if the name fits for him.

He’s a very sweet STALLION, which we did not realize until we got him back to the farm. We aren’t equipped for stallions, but that didn’t stop us from helping this sweet guy. The vet has been out to see him — he is extremely underweight, has terrible rain rot all over him, bad hooves, bad teeth (needs dental attention), and possible something neurological going on that is affecting his hind end. We had to have him castrated ASAP, because it is dangerous to have stallions around our other horses. So between that, his teeth and his hooves, there are some significant expenses we're facing with this guy.

We know that it is 100% worth it though. It’s such a blessing God allows us to care for his wonderful animals. Thank you for your support!

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